About Us

Our Corporate Background Responding to the information needs of the country, Our Company is a leading Mobile Apps Software, Website Design, SEO, Antivirus Software, Online Marketing and CC TV-Door Lock IT Service’s Provider Company in Bangladesh. We are specialized providing innovative and high quality custom Computer all hardware, Online (SEO, SMS, Email, Facebook) Marketing, Server antivirus, website-software design development providing services. MAJID has succeeded as the best Hardware & Software Service provider of the country, by using the latest technology available.

We are dedicated to provide our customers with fast and easy Solution. Majid IT is committed to constantly improve and upgrade its services to the Computer all hardware software network, eset kaspersky antivirus & website design development company in Bangladesh dhaka narsingdi providing services leading company delivering exceptional website design computer hardware network software & antivirus in Bangladesh. Part of MAJID's success can be attributed to the management's commitment that every customer should be 100% satisfied with all hardware software antivirus & website design development providing Majid's service quality.


Majid IT all activities must benefit and add value to the common wealth of our society. We firmly believe that, in the final analysis we are accountable to each of the constituents with whom we interact; namely: our employees, our customers and our fellow citizens.


MAJID is the leader in providing A Complete IT Solution & IT Security services, software & systems integration services. We ensure that our customers are successful by understanding and being responsive to their needs, as well as working collaboratively with them to provide one-stop faster, cost-competitive and scalable services that create competitive advantages in the world of electronic communication.


Our goal is to make A Complete IT Support, Software Solution & IT Security services available to everyone in Bangladesh. Additionally we aim to be internationally renowned as a high quality software developer.


At MAJID, we believe that how we do business is paramount to our success. Our commitment is exemplified by "The Majid IT Ltd" a core values statement which highlights the importance of Customer and Market Focus, High Performance, Integrity and Respect, Spirit, Collaboration and People Development. MAJID's employees are the key to living these values and MAJID is committed to providing a work environment for our employees that fosters The Majid IT Ltd. We are extremely proud of our employees, who take seriously their responsibility to embody these values in their relationships with each other, and with our customers, suppliers and community. We also are extremely proud of our commitment to the communities where our employees live and work. We believe that being part of the community includes a responsibility to contribute more than just jobs.

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