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Website design should be at the heart of your business branding and presence because it can bring all the different aspects of your business strategies together. It lets you manage, distribute and share your services and offerings most efficiently. Your website improves customer care and lets you build a….

MAJID IT Ltd is a full-service web design and development company providing custom web site design, full-featured online stores, database web development, custom applications services, hosting, and online marketing.

By choosing MAJID IT Ltd as your custom website design firm for your web development requirements, you get more than our programming and design work. You also get our years of experience and expertise in developing a web site unique to your business needs.

 We have been providing Software solutions since 2010 and are committed to providing clients with the highest quality our custom website design firm provides and delivers attention getting web sites. MAJID IT Ltd produces well-conceived professional website design and backend solutions enabling us to deploy effective solutions for clients. We strive to keep our staff equipped with the latest skills and tools as Internet technology rapid changes. MAJID IT Ltd offers custom web site design company solutions and a number of other technical solutions that can open up possibilities for competing in new ways, entering new and established markets, and creating new business opportunities. We're dedicated to making creative websites that are as rich and distinct as the world around us.

Our years of experience, as a custom website design firm includes, but is not limited to, custom web site design for web interfaces, database web development and integration, our full-featured e-commerce shopping cart system, online marketing, and business web hosting services. Individual strengths such as custom web site Design Company complement each other to form a well-qualified team capable of developing the most demanding web site.

We offer a range of website development packages to suit different needs that suits to your budget. Know the most talented and crazy people behind and read our latest web development projects and premade php applications. We help you creating 24-hour selling mechanism with full measurement and statistics on the net.

Thank you for your interest in Web Designs, and thank you for taking the time to visit my site! I'm sure you're aware that having a professionally designed website can increase your sales and bring your company exposure to thousands of potential clients. So you have to ask yourself, "Can I really afford to NOT have a professional website?"

We are specialized in website design and development, e-commerce solution of highly insightful and professional websites for small, medium and corporate sized business organizations. We believe in walking with our clients at every step during the journey of development and success of their business

Website design should be at the heart of your business branding and presence because it can bring all the different aspects of your business strategies together. It lets you manage, distribute and share your services and offerings most efficiently. Your website improves customer care and lets you build a rapport with your clients. We take advantage of the cutting edge technological tools and our web designers’ creativity to provide you with a Responsive Website Design that is unique, professional, and user-focused and world standard.





Basic Package

10,000 Tk/$135


    Free .com/.net/.org domain

    Free 100 MB Hosting

    5 Email address

    Number of Page : 05

    Design Concept sample:01

    Royalty-Free Images:05

    Max Scanned Image:08

    Page Content size: 100 KB

    Content page size: A4 size

    Flash Banner: 3 picture

    Menu / POP Up Menu: 05

    Development Timelines : 5 working days

    Renew Fee(Yearly): 3500Tk/$45


Corporate Package

15,000 Tk/$200


    Free .com/.net/.org domain

    Free 200 MB Hosting

    10 Email address

    Number of Page : 10

    Design Concept sample:02

    Royalty-Free Images:10

    Max Scanned Image:20

    Page Content size: 150 KB

    Content page size: A4 size

    Flash Banner: 4 picture

    Menu / POP Up Menu: 10

    Development Timelines : 7 working days

    Renew Fee(Yearly): 5000Tk/$70


Business Package

20,000 Tk/$265


    Free .com/.net/.org domain

    Free 500 MB Hosting

    20 Email address

    Number of Page : 15

    Design Concept sample:03

    Royalty-Free Images:15

    Max Scanned Image:40

    Page Content size: 200 KB

    Content page size: A4 size

    Flash Banner: 5 picture

    Menu / POP Up Menu: 15

    Development Timelines : 10 working days

    Renew Fee(Yearly): 7500Tk/$100


Individual Web Module Price:


    Online Feedback Form: 2000 taka / $25

    Visitor Counter: 1000 taka/$150

    Language Module(Without Bangla): 2000 taka / $25, Bangla – 1000 taka per page/$15

    Every A4 size Content: 1500 taka / $20

    Extra Royalty Free Image: 100 taka per image / $1.5

    Extra scanned image: 20 taka per image / $0.3

    Editing Image: 50 taka per image / $0.7

    Flash Intro: 5000 taka / $70

    Flash banner: 2000 taka / $25

    Music: 2000 taka / $25

    Weather: 3000 taka / $40

    Google Map: 2000 taka / $25




Support Charge (Within 48 hour support):


    Design Change Support: 10,000 taka / $150 per design

    Content Change Support: 2000 taka / $25 per month(Max 2 times)

    Content Change Support: 4000 taka / $ 50 per month(Max 5 times)

    Content Change Support: 8000 taka / $100 per month(Max 12 times)

    Content Change Support: 25000 taka / $330 per month(Unlimited times 10-6 pm)

    Hacking / Virus / Malware Remove support: 10,000 Taka / $ 130 (1 Time)






    1st Training(1 hour): Free

    2nd Training: 2000 taka / $25 per hour (Inside MAJID IT)

    Training: 5000 taka / $70 per hour (Outside MAJID  IT)-After 1st training, if needed.




Payment Procedure:


    50% advance payment for website development

    50% due payment within 3 days after complete the full project.

    Client must provide all content with work order.

    Payment will goes to "MAJID  IT" account pay check.




Terms & Condition:


    If Client Failed to provide the content within 30 days after contract then the project will count as a complete project.

    Post Sales Support: 1 month

    Charges per extra pages: 1000 taka / $20

    If the page size is more the A4 size then additional cost will be 1500 taka / $20 per A4 size Content

    Domain and hosting must be renewing in every year before 1 month of expired date. Otherwise additional cost will be added according to the domain hosting renew rules. For more Visit: http://MAJID

    If image need to customized like background change or color change or any kind of editing then additional cost will be 50 taka / $0.7 per picture.


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